Saturday, February 22, 2014

Conversations with the kids

* The boys had a snack of graham crackers and milk and there was a mess all over the table when they finished. 

Caleb: "Mom, I am sorry your boys made a big mess...but don't worry, cause I will clean it up."

Cute boy!

* Caleb is always thinking.  

Caleb: "I want to name our next boy "HULK"."

* I had to go run some errands on a Saturday morning and Caleb wanted to stay home with his Dad.  

Me: "What did you do when I was gone?"
Caleb: "Dad and I just ate A LOT of candy."

* I sent the boys to clean their room.

Caleb: (after going into his room and seeing how messy it was...) "Mom, why didn't you have James pick up our room when he was here all day?"

* Talking to the kids when they got home from school.

Me: "How was school today Caleb?"
Caleb: "GREAT!!!!"
Me: "That's good.  What made it so great?"
Caleb: "When we went to go see the cheerleaders!"   :)
Me: "Oh."
Carly: "We had an assembly today."
Caleb: (still smiling, but speechless)

*James was on fly swatter duty.

James: "Mom, I just killed a bee."
Me: "Oh really? I thought it was a fly."
James: "No, it was a bee pretending to be a fly."
Me: "Oh wow! Good job."
James: (smiles)

*James and I were going back and forth saying things like, "if you're stinky and you know it clap your hands..." when the following happened.

James: "If you're happy and you know it shout horray!"
Me: "Horray!"
James: "You're stinky!" (laughing uncontrollably)

Yup, I just lost to a four year old.

*We were driving to church and it was cold, snowing and the roads were bad.

Caleb: "Mom, I do not want to live here when I get big, it is too cold!"
Me: "Oh, well where do you want to live?"
Caleb: "Where does Nelson live?" (his cousin)
Me: "Florida."
Caleb: "Does it snow there?"
Me: "No."
Caleb: "Yeah mom, I want to live in Florida.  I would like it there."


Brandon & Janelle said...

Cheerleaders huh? You're in trouble haha! And the bee conversation is my favorite - hilarious!

steph said...

I love how you wrote these down - they're so adorable :) miss you