Friday, October 10, 2014

Sneaky Girl

The family was outside swimming and eating popsicles, when Jayda disappeared.  She had snuck into her sisters candy and was eating it. :)


Jayda insisted on walking out to the car all by herself today and in the process she fell and fractured both of the bones in her arm close to her wrist.  We've figured out she pretty tough cause she only cried for a minute after she fell and then randomly would hold her arm and say, "owie." When we went and got x-rays she was not a very happy camper.  But that was nothing compared to when they put her cast on.  It took three people to get her cast on and the whole time she put up a really good fight, kicking, screaming and peeling the doctors fingers off of her hurt arm all the while yelling, "NO, DON'T!!!!" (over and over)  Let's just say it was a experience I don't wish to repeat anytime soon.  So glad the cast is on and the healing process can begin.  Poor little girl.  

The night after she got the cast on she wanted to watch a barbie movie.  

All smiles.

 Trying to reach something on the counter.  Jayda got pretty good and using her left hand while she had the cast on, and still prefers to color left handed.

So happy to be outside.


Today the boys decided to dress up, as Indians. I love how resourceful they are.....

James is showing me his muscles. 

Look at those serious faces and intense poses.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Big Girl

My baby girl is growing up way too fast!

She looks so big next to her baby cousin.

Mamma's girl.

She loves macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. She always eats the hot dogs first.

Jayda really wanted a bath.


Silly girl.

We are all so glad to have Jayda in our family.  I wish she wasn't growing up so fast.  Love you baby girl. 

My Heart Belongs to Grandma

Carly took this video of Jayda.  Love my girls!

Do you want to build a Snowman?

The three older kids worked so hard to build this snowman. 

Our "cowboy snowman."

Jayda really wanted to help her siblings build the snowman, but she got to watch them instead.

Jayda giving kisses.

Receiving kisses.

Hunting Pics

Here are a few hunting pics from 2013.  I know Josh has more, I'll have to get him to add them later.





Dance Video

The kids love it when I turn the music on so they can dance.  Below are a few videos of one such occasion.

My Little Helpers

My little helpers love to help me no matter what I am doing.....

James and Jayda drowning the flowers. 

Eating apples.

Drinking chocolate milk.

Helping make dinner.

Washing the table.

Every time I fold laundry Jayda helps me fold it and put it away.  Without fail, she finds a pair of Carly's underwear and she insists on putting it on.  Carly's so nice to let her sister wear her underwear.

Jayda helping me cook.

My little Mary.

Stirring pudding.

All of the kids helping wash dishes.  Love them so much!

Happy Birthday Josh!

Once again, Jayda thinks it's her birthday, even though it's not.

Josh was nice enough to let Jayda open a few presents for him.

Happy Birthday Josh!  I am so grateful to be married to this wonderful man.  He blesses my life in so many ways.  So excited to spend forever with him by my side.

My Girly Girl

Jayda loves to wear skirts, dresses, necklaces, flowers in her hair and anything girly.

Whether she's making messes.

Picking her nose.

Posing with her sister.

Or getting a piggy back ride.  She loves being a girly girl.

Conversations with the kids

* The boys had a snack of graham crackers and milk and there was a mess all over the table when they finished. 

Caleb: "Mom, I am sorry your boys made a big mess...but don't worry, cause I will clean it up."

Cute boy!

* Caleb is always thinking.  

Caleb: "I want to name our next boy "HULK"."

* I had to go run some errands on a Saturday morning and Caleb wanted to stay home with his Dad.  

Me: "What did you do when I was gone?"
Caleb: "Dad and I just ate A LOT of candy."

* I sent the boys to clean their room.

Caleb: (after going into his room and seeing how messy it was...) "Mom, why didn't you have James pick up our room when he was here all day?"

* Talking to the kids when they got home from school.

Me: "How was school today Caleb?"
Caleb: "GREAT!!!!"
Me: "That's good.  What made it so great?"
Caleb: "When we went to go see the cheerleaders!"   :)
Me: "Oh."
Carly: "We had an assembly today."
Caleb: (still smiling, but speechless)

*James was on fly swatter duty.

James: "Mom, I just killed a bee."
Me: "Oh really? I thought it was a fly."
James: "No, it was a bee pretending to be a fly."
Me: "Oh wow! Good job."
James: (smiles)

*James and I were going back and forth saying things like, "if you're stinky and you know it clap your hands..." when the following happened.

James: "If you're happy and you know it shout horray!"
Me: "Horray!"
James: "You're stinky!" (laughing uncontrollably)

Yup, I just lost to a four year old.

*We were driving to church and it was cold, snowing and the roads were bad.

Caleb: "Mom, I do not want to live here when I get big, it is too cold!"
Me: "Oh, well where do you want to live?"
Caleb: "Where does Nelson live?" (his cousin)
Me: "Florida."
Caleb: "Does it snow there?"
Me: "No."
Caleb: "Yeah mom, I want to live in Florida.  I would like it there."

Caleb's 6!

Caleb waiting for his presents.

Jayda thinks it's her birthday even when it's not.  She has to be right where the action is.

So happy!

Caleb has always loved brownies.  For his birthday he asked me to bring BYU mint brownies to his class at school and then he also wanted me to make another pan for his cake at home.  He is my chocolate lover.  Caleb loves being an older brother.  He loves to play outside with any rocks, trees, sticks, bugs or anything  "boy-ish" he can find.  We love having him in our family.  Love you Caleb.