Friday, October 10, 2014


Jayda insisted on walking out to the car all by herself today and in the process she fell and fractured both of the bones in her arm close to her wrist.  We've figured out she pretty tough cause she only cried for a minute after she fell and then randomly would hold her arm and say, "owie." When we went and got x-rays she was not a very happy camper.  But that was nothing compared to when they put her cast on.  It took three people to get her cast on and the whole time she put up a really good fight, kicking, screaming and peeling the doctors fingers off of her hurt arm all the while yelling, "NO, DON'T!!!!" (over and over)  Let's just say it was a experience I don't wish to repeat anytime soon.  So glad the cast is on and the healing process can begin.  Poor little girl.  

The night after she got the cast on she wanted to watch a barbie movie.  

All smiles.

 Trying to reach something on the counter.  Jayda got pretty good and using her left hand while she had the cast on, and still prefers to color left handed.

So happy to be outside.

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Brandon & Janelle said...

Poor Jayda - but a hilarious story!!